Jim Matheos reflecting on the genesis of Kings Of Mercia

Jim Matheos (2022)

Photo by Jeremy Saffer
Photo by Jeremy Saffer

“Most of my work, obviously, has been in the prog/metal field. I’ve done a few other things that lean towards ambient/electronica. Those two styles were a big influence on me in my formative years. But I was also hugely into more straightforward hard rock as well. UFO, Scorpions, etc… even Bad Company. KoM allowed me to tap into those influences more and it was very rewarding. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m never going to do another prog record, or acoustic, or whatever. I hope I still have a few more of those in me. These are all just manifestations of what I enjoy as a listener and am lucky enough to explore as a musician.”

-Jim Matheos on the genesis of Kings Of Mercia

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  1. Jim! That’s great that you get to do different things now. Gotta say tho, I have been listening to LongDay GoodNight on repeat for a while now and it is *sooo* good! Anytime you want to make another prog record I will be lining up to buy it! Your albums are the top of my music collection by far! Thanks so much!

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